DLL Suite: Fix DLL missing or not found error

How to fix DLL missing or not found error?

Take the tips and instructions from whatisdll.com to fix DLL is missing or was not found error on your Windows PCs.

The list below contains the most common .dll files that can become missing from your computer:

  1. batt.dll
  2. cmd.exe
  3. dao360.dll
  4. glu32.dll
  5. hal.dll
  6. kernel32.dll
  7. mfc42u.dll
  8. msvcr71.dll
  9. ole32.dll
  10. xmllite.dll

The causes of missing DLL error is that the DLL has been deleted or removed from your computer. To fix this error, you can take the following methods:

Fix DLL error manually:

  1. Download DLL files by taking the advice on How to download DLL for free web page.
  2. Save the file to its default location on your computer.
  3. Re-register DLL files and restart your PC to apply the changes. For the details, please see How to run, install or register DLL web page.

Fix DLL error automatically:

  1. Download DLL Suite, install and run
  2. Click Fix Missing DLL menu and click Scan DLL Errors button
  3. Click Fix ALL after the scan

Fix Missing DLL will scan and fix DLL with .dll file extension. If you want to fix and download all DLL files, you can use DLL Suite's Home tool.

Windows DLL receive thousands of errors every day, fixing DLL error is an effective way for Windows PC problem repairing. Download DLL Suite today and give your Windows a DLL error repair tool.

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