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What is setupdll.dll?

setupdll.dll is setupapi.dll, d3dx9_26.dll and setupn.exe shared DLL with file size 414208 bytes, version 5.1.2600.0, last update date 8/4/2004 8:00:00 PM, and location system32\.

It is used to support Windows 2000 Setup Dynlink which is responsible for startup service for software like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Quick Heal Total Security 2012, Easy Browser Washer and Mozilla 1.8.1.

How to fix missing setupdll.dll error?

When there is error in setupdll.dll, your computer will display following error messages:

  1. setupdll.dll is missing
  2. setupdll.dll was not found
  3. Can not load setupdll.dll
  4. 0x059F(Invalid system-wide (SPI_*) parameter. )

If setupdll.dll error is not fixed ASAP, your computer will have more problems, even get setupdll.dll blue screen of death. For how to fix setupdll.dll, please see How to fix DLL missing or not found error section.

How to download setupdll.dll for free?

For those who want to fix setupdll.dll error manually, you can get setupdll.dll download for free from system setup disk or from other PCs installed with the same system. Another method is to use setupdll.dll file fixer to download file setupdll.dll, for the details, please see How to download DLL for free page.

How to remove setupdll.dll virus?

DLL setupdll.dll can be easily infected by virus PWS:Win32/Delf.AG which will download and install spyware Program:Win32/C1.CN from and Disaboom.

These 2 malware mainly target the ZOTAC computers in the following 5 countries:

  1. Latvia
  2. Somalia
  3. Netherlands
  4. Fiji
  5. Uganda

For how to solve setupdll.dll issues caused by virus, please see How to remove virus and spyware section.

Note: If virus setupdll.dll is not removed immediately, your will receive BSOD setupdll.dll blue screen later.

How to repair setupdll.dll BSOD problem?

Receiving blue screen setupdll.dll indicates the driver Windows 2000 Setup Dynlink has been reset. When your computer starts, it can't load setupdll.dll correctly, that is why you see blue screen error. To stop and repair this problem, please take the instructions on How to fix blue screen of death (BSOD) section.

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